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King of Cool

Over the past few months, the Queen Anne B & B has been revamping their gallery suites and just unveiled them last week. Each is unique, redesigned by local artists, giving true Denver flavor to the visitor’s experience.

Not only does the Queen feature local artists, but also has a long list of ecological perks, actively aiming towards becoming Denver’s only zero-waste hospitality establishment.

Gallery Suite Four designed by Tran and Josh Wills, aka Super Ordinary

Gallery Suite Four designed by Tran and Josh Wills, aka Super Ordinary

Gallery Suite Three designed by Markham Maes & Natasha Lillipore

Gallery Suite Two designed by Tuyet Nguyen

Gallery Suite One redesigned by Rachel Znerold

2147 Tremont Pl.
Denver, Co.

Jen Nordhem

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The Faves: Pulse Art Fair 2010

During Art Basel there are many fairs that hang on it’s coattails, what with all the collectors in town you’d be silly not to! Pulse is an established fair which also shows in NYC (much like Scope) and heads south in the winter. Here are my favorites from this contemporary art fair.

Yigal Ozeri, 2010, Painting and Video on iPad
At Pulse you’ll see a lot more new media, like this video pairing with a painting.

Yigal Ozeri, 2010, Painting
Amazing realist painter. These paintings stop you dead.

Hellen van Meene, 2004-2010, C-Print
Like I said in the previous post, Art Basel didn’t have very much photography. These three portraits really drew me in with a beautiful use of light and neutral tones.

Hellen van Meene, 2004, C-Print
This is my favorite of the series.

Charley Friedman, 2010
This little guy just cracked me up. I love art that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Charley Friedman, 2010
Another angle. Funny little guy!

Joan Mitchell, 1982
Remember her? This is the “newest” piece I saw of hers, yet one of the oldest at Pulse.

Skylar Fien, 2009
I’m going to let the image below do the talking…

Sabastien Valljeo, 2010

Sabastien Valljeo, 2010
Lightsabers and glitter.

Gregory Euclide, 2010
Euclide wanted to drive a message with this installation of the packing crates it took to ship his work to Miami: These fairs have a much larger impact on our earth than one would think.
He used one of these crates to house a small installation. You’re encouraged to put your cell phone camera to a tiny hole on the crate and shoot a photo to see the scene on the inside.

Gregory Euclide, 2010
One of Euclide’s nature inspired relief works.

David Buckingham, 2010
Words welded from recycled sources.

After a lot more art it’s a damn good thing they had hammocks.

Who is your favorite contemporary artist?

The Faves: Art Basel Miami 2010

So much to take in! I went to the main fair twice and don’t think even made a dent in seeing what was there. I can’t wait to go back next year.
Here are my faves from what I was able to see…

Jose Davila, 2010.
I’m a sucker for anything Josef Albers so naturally I fell for this glass and vinyl install, a contemporary take on Albers’ original Hommage to the Square.

Joan Mitchell, 1956
I discovered Joan Mitchell while in Miami and found her at a lot of booths. This was one of the oldest pieces I found of hers.

Joan Mitchell, 1961
There’s really nothing behind my reason for liking these besides the fact that they make me feel good.

Jenny Holzer, 1989
There was quite a lot of Holzer’s truisms at Art Basel but this one was very different than those I’ve seen of hers in the past. I have never seen her work in marble before and the fact that it takes the shape of a coffin really made me stop in my tracks.
It reads “The knife cut runs as long as it wants. It is through my stomach. I keep looking at it. I have more colors that I would have thought. The hole is large enough for my head. The hole was big enough for their hands to move freely. They put their fingers in because they should not and because they do not get the chance everyday.”

Same piece from another angle, the words streamed on the LED ticker.

Jenny Holzer, year unknown (any guesses?)
For contrast, here’s a different series.
The one about love is much lighter and funnier! I love how she shows such humanity. We’re not always happy, we’re not always dark, we are fucking human.

Marina Abramovic, “Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful”, 1975
What a brilliant woman. Such emotion and sheer madness.

Detail. Such a sexy look with just the right amount of armpit hair. This one is my favorite of the series.

Detail. This woman can posses such emotion!

On Kawara, 1975
On Kawara has created many of these pieces in his Today series, each piece made on the day of the date it bears, if he couldn’t complete the piece on that day he destroyed it.
I’m a sucker for typography, I first fell in love with this series at The Art Institute of Chicago (their piece is much larger and packs a bigger punch).

Angelika Krinzinger, 2006/2007
Let’s wrap this up with a bang. Yes, it’s a dick in a mouth. Never thought that would be beautiful, did you?

Tomorrow I will post my faves of Pulse Art Fair.

Now it’s your turn, what was your fave?


Smiles From Miami

I had a lot of fun handing out my Operation Smile pins, it was great because it’s so simple! Here are the rest of the awesome, rad, smiling hustlers I hung out with in Miami last weekend during Art Basel.

Julia Kaganskiy, Editor of The Creators Project and other new media stuff
Julia doesn’t smile in pictures, so I gave her a smile pin to act as a reminder. Julia and I met a while back through Matt Scobey and we made a point to hang out in Miami which worked out perfectly because we both didn’t have bikes or money for cabs. I gave her a ride on the back of my scooter one night and I think she thought she was going to die.

David Feinberg, Video Editor for Vice, VBS, and more
This guy is awesome. We met David through Julia at a sweet Vice rooftop party and our crews ended up hanging out together all night. He was incredibly dry and random which I loved, for that I gave him the “THE” pin, because it too is random. (From this he introduced me to the gallery The Hole) Turns out, dude’s from Denver so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him!

David B. Smith, Owner of David B. Smith Gallery
David was surprisingly the only Denver gallerist that I saw! He was showing Minnesotan artist Gregory Euclide at the Pulse Art Fair. David routinely brings in big name artists like Josh Keyes, AJ Fossik and more, for all his hard work in giving Denver a name in the art scene he received a HUSTLE pin.

Thalia and Adri, More Vice/VBS kids
Obvs I would give pins to the girls who were spinning new wave with a satan sticker on their Mac, duh. These ladies kicked ass and were wonderful partners in a 2am jaunt for falafel. Will def look them up on my next NYC trip. They got AWESOME and RAD pins.

Overall I think the project was a success, I got people to smile! I didn’t get as many photos as I thought I would, but I guess that’s because I was focusing on the art (go figure). I still have a few pins left over, so if you’d like one let me know!

What project would you do if you had the opportunity to go to Art Basel?


ABMB Day One: Exploring Miami

Yesterday Tuyet, Tony, Matt and I arrived in Miami for Art Basel with no other expectations than a weekend of amazement and madness. So far, we’ve been right. This place is crazy.

Bored Of Exploring

Matt Scobey and Tuyet at the Hello Kitty party

I’m a small gift!

Street art is everywhere. Yes, that’s a dumpster wrapped in a quilt.

Here are photos from the first day of my project, Operation Smile, a social experiment of smiles and gifts.

Justin Nge, Team Funny + Me
Justin invited me to hang in my first art show when we were in college. I haven’t seen him in years, he lives in New York now, so it was crazy to see him here. He gave me one million hugs so I gave him an AWESOME pin.

Tuyet Nguyen, Bored Of Directors
Tuyet is one of the best editors, party throwers and overall awesome people I know. AND she’s the same size as me. I gave her a HUSTLE pin.

Alberto, Cab Driver
Last night I got lost, my phone was dying and I needed to get across town to where the rest of the crew were. That’s when Alberto came to my rescue! Not only did he drive me where I needed to go, but he hooked it up with the phone charger! For that, I gave him a SMILE pin.

Curt Cameruci, 1/2 of the DJ duo Flosstradamus
We linked up with my old friend Curt at a party where he and another friend, Josh, were DJing. He only had one VIP wristband, yet still managed to sneak all four of us into VIP. I decided he deserved a RAD pin!

Who would you give an Operation Smile pin to?

I’ll Be At Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States”, with the best galleries showcasing their most amazing artists. It’s kind of a big deal. I’m very excited to experience this influential event by day and spend my nights partying on the beach.

Since I don’t know how to sit still, I will be running a little project throughout all this madness via @BRIGHT_ALLEY. That’s all I’ll tell you for now, you’ll just have to follow to find out. (Hint: You can cheat by reading the widget on the right.)

Here’s a little preview:

I’m going down there with my friends Matt, Tony & Tuyet AKA Bored Of Directors. They will be sharing their projects as well, so make sure you follow them too: @bored_of.


Johnny Cupcakes Denver Visit

Johnny Cupcakes came to Denver last week for his have-fun-while-learning Lecture Series. Thanks to AIGA Colorado and the Denver Art Museum for hosting.

It was great listening to him lecture, I felt like we had a lot in common – for instance, as a child I also would sell my parent’s belongings while they slept or worked. I had the pleasure of meeting him and Danny, both super cool dudes who are down to earth. I’m excited to see what else comes from Johnny Cupcakes in the future, his collaboration with Hello Kitty looks tight!

Danny & Johnny Cupcakes (photo from his blog, art by Scot Lefavor)

“If you ever find yourself in Denver, Colorado – be sure to stay at the Queen Anne Inn. It feels like home. Out of the many places I’ve stayed at while traveling, I’d have to say this place is up in the top ranks.”
-Johnny Cupcakes

Photo from Johnny Cupcakes

He took some excellent photos of the the Queen Anne B & B and other fun spots in Denver, see them posted on his blog.