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Scot Lefavor at Vice Mexico City

Denver artist Scot Lefavor will be showing at the Vice Gallery in Mexico City on November 11th during MexicoFixed‘s event chill.and.go.3.


Bordo Bello Call For Artists

Bordo Bello is coming September 30 and registration for artists ends Thursday, July 28 at 1pm! Register now…

Bicycle Film Festival NY

I extended my visit in NYC when I got picked up by the Bicycle Film Festival as their Assistant Producer this year. The festival is starting on Wednesday, if you’re in the area don’t miss it!
Buy tickets & see the full program here.


King of Cool

Over the past few months, the Queen Anne B & B has been revamping their gallery suites and just unveiled them last week. Each is unique, redesigned by local artists, giving true Denver flavor to the visitor’s experience.

Not only does the Queen feature local artists, but also has a long list of ecological perks, actively aiming towards becoming Denver’s only zero-waste hospitality establishment.

Gallery Suite Four designed by Tran and Josh Wills, aka Super Ordinary

Gallery Suite Four designed by Tran and Josh Wills, aka Super Ordinary

Gallery Suite Three designed by Markham Maes & Natasha Lillipore

Gallery Suite Two designed by Tuyet Nguyen

Gallery Suite One redesigned by Rachel Znerold

2147 Tremont Pl.
Denver, Co.

Jen Nordhem

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Johnny Cupcakes Denver Visit

Johnny Cupcakes came to Denver last week for his have-fun-while-learning Lecture Series. Thanks to AIGA Colorado and the Denver Art Museum for hosting.

It was great listening to him lecture, I felt like we had a lot in common – for instance, as a child I also would sell my parent’s belongings while they slept or worked. I had the pleasure of meeting him and Danny, both super cool dudes who are down to earth. I’m excited to see what else comes from Johnny Cupcakes in the future, his collaboration with Hello Kitty looks tight!

Danny & Johnny Cupcakes (photo from his blog, art by Scot Lefavor)

“If you ever find yourself in Denver, Colorado – be sure to stay at the Queen Anne Inn. It feels like home. Out of the many places I’ve stayed at while traveling, I’d have to say this place is up in the top ranks.”
-Johnny Cupcakes

Photo from Johnny Cupcakes

He took some excellent photos of the the Queen Anne B & B and other fun spots in Denver, see them posted on his blog.

November At Omerica Organic

Omerica Organic Denver’s sustainable accessory powerhouse, has been cranking out a bunch of new styles lately and are getting a lot of notice!

On Brain Pickings for the Movemeber Plugs and Pendants

On Design-Milk for the launch of their belt buckles

On Thrillist Denver…

Here are a few of my favorite new styles…

Two Tone Belt Buckle

Lock And Key Pendant

Snowflake Tunnel Plugs

Don’t miss out on their newest styles, sign up for the Omerica Organic newsletter at the bottom right of the screen.

Westword Event Coverage for DETHRIDE

For those who missed out on all the fun, Thorin Klosowski is here to save the day! He wrote this wonderful event recap for DETHRIDE on Westword’s art + culture blog Show & Tell.

“The award ceremony, to which we were called up to the stage to collect our rewards, followed after three of the bands on the ticket played. Under normal conditions, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but as it turns out, I get a little clumsy when I’m on a stage in front of people, and I managed to drop and spread out all of our winnings. Maybe it was the fact that organizer Jen Nordhem kept calling us all nerds, or maybe I’d just had a couple too many drinks. It was classy either way. “

This is Thorin right before dropping all the “winnings” captured by Sarah Slater.

That was funny. But back to the serious stuff. We had a great turn out, 65 DETHRIDERS joined us at 3 Kings for a night of bikes, metal and art.

Congrats to the first place team, check out their sweet shirts! Art by Sam Turner, printed + donated by Indy Ink.

One of my favorite team costumes, Team CMYKW

Thanks for coming, everyone! This may turn into an annual deal so stay tuned!