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Screw the list of places I’ve worked, I want to tell you a story…
When I was a kid growing up in Chicago we would have “stoop sales” like most kids did. My little sister and I would sit in front of our home on Webster Ave. proud of all our goods. One early morning before our parents were awake (when I was 6 and my sister was 4), we pulled out some of my parents belongings and sat on the stoop waiting for people to buy. One woman stopped with her husband and said loudly, “Look, Honey! It’s sterling!!!” At which point my father sprang up out of bed and rushed outside – still in his underwear – to take back their flatware. My father recently confirmed that “nothing of value was sold.”
A few years later, we stepped up our game. When AOL popped up and all my friends were chatting with boys on instant messenger and chat rooms, I was using the same tools to sell beanie babies. My sister and I would crawl chat rooms for buyers, developing lasting business relationships using AIM and transferring funds using Paypal. My collection started from the corner pharmacy, we would find out which beanie babies were being shipped and when so we could be the first to get our hands on them. We would then go online and sell them for 4, 5, even 10 times what we bought them for. Funny thing, that same pharmacy was where I shipped the beanie babies from; I was an 11 year old girl hustling the corner pharmacy’s beanie baby collection.
Let’s fast forward to freshman year at Columbia College, where I spent my days split between the darkroom and my skateboard. After my first art show at Transmission Gallery, I felt like students needed more places to showcase their art. I wanted students to experience the feeling of showing their art in front of strangers and friends – even thinking of it now brings on waves of anxiety.. At 19, a couple friends and I founded the art and fashion collective Brite Tiger Expo. Hundreds of kids packed into Buddy Gallery, with a line down the stairs spilling out onto Milwaukee Ave. At midnight, a live fashion show kicked off with live MC’s Suffer and Struggle rapping on stage with the models, a break dance intermission acted as a buffer before the finale: a stripper and a drag queen dancing to Peaches. At about 5am the party was shut down.
That was almost nine years ago and I pretty much haven’t stopped since.

What she wants:
Creative, Streamlined Communication
Successful Local, Small Businesses
Happy, Healthy, Honest People
A Sustainable Plant
(That’s not too much to ask, now is it?)

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Animal Lover
Bike Crusher
Switch Steezer
Warrior Princess
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New York City, NY /// Denver, CO /// Chicago, IL

Today is going to be a wonderful day.