Sandra Fettingis at Plastic Chapel

Sandra Fettingis is often recognized by her lovely modern jewelry and silhouettes of acrylic. “But this time, things will be different…”
Recently, at the group show Leaky Margins at Emanuel Gallery, I really enjoyed seeing her using wood, a new material (she also used wood in her piece in the group show “Mile High On The Map,” a show I unfortunately missed). The piece at Emanuel was of lazer-cut wood with enamel words stenciled around two female silhouettes – perhaps the new medium was influenced by her beau, street artist Scot Lefavor?
I asked Sandra what’s different this time? She replied “EVERYTHING! In life and art.” I can dig that.
This solo show, opening tomorrow, Saturday night from 7-11pm at Plastic Chapel (3109 E. Colfax), is not to be missed. I’m excited to see what new twists Sandra has prepared for this show!



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