Ride Bikes And Listen To Metal Mixtape

Every Monday night for the past year and a half I’ve been teaching an indoor cycling class to metal music, I call it Metal Monday. The class is at the yoga and cycling studio Breathe Denver at 5:45pm and is an hour of strength & endurance building drills for cyclists of all levels (think lower intensity, longer efforts). You can read more about my class and my reasoning behind choosing metal in this interview on Team Beer’d.

See Breathe’s full cycling schedule, make sure you sign up for cycling classes in advance. I also teach a beginner’s class on Wednesday!

Enough about the class, I want to give you some music!!! Click on the image below to download the free mixtape.

Mastadon – Iron Tusk
Russian Circles – Death Rides A Horse
Ludicra – Path Of Ash
Baroness – Coeur
Sweet Cobra – Levithan
3 Inches Of Blood – Demon’s Blade
Skeletonwitch – Baptized In Flames
The Sword – The Sundering
Raise The Red Lantern – Wings Of Fury
Pelican – Lost In The Headlights
Black Cobra – Frozen Night
Saviours – Apocalypse World Split
Red Sparowes – Like The Howling Glory…



10 responses to “Ride Bikes And Listen To Metal Mixtape

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  2. Thank you for this Jen. 7:36am Monday and I am annoying my coworkers. I LOVE IT!

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  4. rockandrollhatesyou

    I’ve been trying to check out these classes for months now. This mix is SO rad, I have no more reason to procrastinate…

  5. Holy crap. I love this. Where can I get a hi-res version of the artwork / who made the amazing drawing?


  6. I see now that it very clearly says Aron Dubois drew it. Never heard of him, but his stuff is incredible.

    Here’s his blog, in case anyone else is interested:


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