Inspiring, Thoughtful & Silly Videos of the Week.

I’m often lead down the deep, dark rabbit hole that exists on my desk. Here is what emerged from it this week…

Procrastination. It’s these videos. It’s this blog. It’s you reading this blog. It’s making a cup of tea. Brilliant video animated, directed and written by London artist Johnny Kelly.

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Jolt was recently commissioned to do a mural – that’s 10 stories tall – and decided to ask the community which surrounds it what they would paint in the mural. The responses from the children are so precious, pulled on my heart strings a little. *Sniffle*

Jolt’s Mural Project from Joel Stangle on Vimeo.

Remember how I went to Miami? Check out the alley gallery Bored of Directors installed while we were there: “Bored of Art Basel”

Bored of Art Basel (Alley Gallery) from Bored of Directors on Vimeo.

Legwork Studio is a Denver-based creative agency, at this time of year it’s typical to see all the “Year In Review” videos, articles and reports from different companies. This one in particular nails it on the head: Stay humble and share what you learn. Truly a good motto to live by. (Psst: don’t miss the part at 0:34, sooo funny)

What We Learned from LEGWORK on Vimeo.

Bring me back to the days of mischief! A little arts and crafts, spray paint plus a friend with a bicycle? Uh, yes please! Looptaggr makes me want to run out side and play.

Tell me!
What phrase would your “drive-by stenciling device” write?



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