The Faves: Art Basel Miami 2010

So much to take in! I went to the main fair twice and don’t think even made a dent in seeing what was there. I can’t wait to go back next year.
Here are my faves from what I was able to see…

Jose Davila, 2010.
I’m a sucker for anything Josef Albers so naturally I fell for this glass and vinyl install, a contemporary take on Albers’ original Hommage to the Square.

Joan Mitchell, 1956
I discovered Joan Mitchell while in Miami and found her at a lot of booths. This was one of the oldest pieces I found of hers.

Joan Mitchell, 1961
There’s really nothing behind my reason for liking these besides the fact that they make me feel good.

Jenny Holzer, 1989
There was quite a lot of Holzer’s truisms at Art Basel but this one was very different than those I’ve seen of hers in the past. I have never seen her work in marble before and the fact that it takes the shape of a coffin really made me stop in my tracks.
It reads “The knife cut runs as long as it wants. It is through my stomach. I keep looking at it. I have more colors that I would have thought. The hole is large enough for my head. The hole was big enough for their hands to move freely. They put their fingers in because they should not and because they do not get the chance everyday.”

Same piece from another angle, the words streamed on the LED ticker.

Jenny Holzer, year unknown (any guesses?)
For contrast, here’s a different series.
The one about love is much lighter and funnier! I love how she shows such humanity. We’re not always happy, we’re not always dark, we are fucking human.

Marina Abramovic, “Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful”, 1975
What a brilliant woman. Such emotion and sheer madness.

Detail. Such a sexy look with just the right amount of armpit hair. This one is my favorite of the series.

Detail. This woman can posses such emotion!

On Kawara, 1975
On Kawara has created many of these pieces in his Today series, each piece made on the day of the date it bears, if he couldn’t complete the piece on that day he destroyed it.
I’m a sucker for typography, I first fell in love with this series at The Art Institute of Chicago (their piece is much larger and packs a bigger punch).

Angelika Krinzinger, 2006/2007
Let’s wrap this up with a bang. Yes, it’s a dick in a mouth. Never thought that would be beautiful, did you?

Tomorrow I will post my faves of Pulse Art Fair.

Now it’s your turn, what was your fave?



One response to “The Faves: Art Basel Miami 2010

  1. Love your insights in to Jenny Holzer – we are fucking human! Plus, the dick in the mouth.

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