Smiles From Miami

I had a lot of fun handing out my Operation Smile pins, it was great because it’s so simple! Here are the rest of the awesome, rad, smiling hustlers I hung out with in Miami last weekend during Art Basel.

Julia Kaganskiy, Editor of The Creators Project and other new media stuff
Julia doesn’t smile in pictures, so I gave her a smile pin to act as a reminder. Julia and I met a while back through Matt Scobey and we made a point to hang out in Miami which worked out perfectly because we both didn’t have bikes or money for cabs. I gave her a ride on the back of my scooter one night and I think she thought she was going to die.

David Feinberg, Video Editor for Vice, VBS, and more
This guy is awesome. We met David through Julia at a sweet Vice rooftop party and our crews ended up hanging out together all night. He was incredibly dry and random which I loved, for that I gave him the “THE” pin, because it too is random. (From this he introduced me to the gallery The Hole) Turns out, dude’s from Denver so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him!

David B. Smith, Owner of David B. Smith Gallery
David was surprisingly the only Denver gallerist that I saw! He was showing Minnesotan artist Gregory Euclide at the Pulse Art Fair. David routinely brings in big name artists like Josh Keyes, AJ Fossik and more, for all his hard work in giving Denver a name in the art scene he received a HUSTLE pin.

Thalia and Adri, More Vice/VBS kids
Obvs I would give pins to the girls who were spinning new wave with a satan sticker on their Mac, duh. These ladies kicked ass and were wonderful partners in a 2am jaunt for falafel. Will def look them up on my next NYC trip. They got AWESOME and RAD pins.

Overall I think the project was a success, I got people to smile! I didn’t get as many photos as I thought I would, but I guess that’s because I was focusing on the art (go figure). I still have a few pins left over, so if you’d like one let me know!

What project would you do if you had the opportunity to go to Art Basel?



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