ABMB Day One: Exploring Miami

Yesterday Tuyet, Tony, Matt and I arrived in Miami for Art Basel with no other expectations than a weekend of amazement and madness. So far, we’ve been right. This place is crazy.

Bored Of Exploring

Matt Scobey and Tuyet at the Hello Kitty party

I’m a small gift!

Street art is everywhere. Yes, that’s a dumpster wrapped in a quilt.

Here are photos from the first day of my project, Operation Smile, a social experiment of smiles and gifts.

Justin Nge, Team Funny + Me
Justin invited me to hang in my first art show when we were in college. I haven’t seen him in years, he lives in New York now, so it was crazy to see him here. He gave me one million hugs so I gave him an AWESOME pin.

Tuyet Nguyen, Bored Of Directors
Tuyet is one of the best editors, party throwers and overall awesome people I know. AND she’s the same size as me. I gave her a HUSTLE pin.

Alberto, Cab Driver
Last night I got lost, my phone was dying and I needed to get across town to where the rest of the crew were. That’s when Alberto came to my rescue! Not only did he drive me where I needed to go, but he hooked it up with the phone charger! For that, I gave him a SMILE pin.

Curt Cameruci, 1/2 of the DJ duo Flosstradamus
We linked up with my old friend Curt at a party where he and another friend, Josh, were DJing. He only had one VIP wristband, yet still managed to sneak all four of us into VIP. I decided he deserved a RAD pin!

Who would you give an Operation Smile pin to?


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