ABMB Project: Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a social experiment while I’m at Art Basel Miami Beach. Typically when you meet someone you get their business card, right? Well, where does that end up? In a drawer somewhere with a bunch of other cards, never to see the light of day again? They’re a great tool, yes, but still, I want to try something different. That’s where Operation Smile comes in.

I am going to Miami with a goal to find new artists and meet new people. Simple. And I don’t mean I want to meet lots of people, I want to meet quality people that I will stay in touch with. The pin is more than a card, it’s a gift! Everyone has cards, but who has pins? Especially pins that say “RAD” and “HUSTLE”? If I think someone is special I’ll give them one of my 50 pins, then I’ll snap a pic of them and post it to twitter along with their twitter handle and the hashtag #OPsmile. Now, they have my info and I have theirs, I have a photo and they have the pin. We’re connected!

Operation Smile is about making friends and giving people a reason to smile.

Make sure you’re following @BRIGHT_ALLEY on twitter to follow #OPsmile.

I want to know, what makes you smile?


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