Johnny Cupcakes Denver Visit

Johnny Cupcakes came to Denver last week for his have-fun-while-learning Lecture Series. Thanks to AIGA Colorado and the Denver Art Museum for hosting.

It was great listening to him lecture, I felt like we had a lot in common – for instance, as a child I also would sell my parent’s belongings while they slept or worked. I had the pleasure of meeting him and Danny, both super cool dudes who are down to earth. I’m excited to see what else comes from Johnny Cupcakes in the future, his collaboration with Hello Kitty looks tight!

Danny & Johnny Cupcakes (photo from his blog, art by Scot Lefavor)

“If you ever find yourself in Denver, Colorado – be sure to stay at the Queen Anne Inn. It feels like home. Out of the many places I’ve stayed at while traveling, I’d have to say this place is up in the top ranks.”
-Johnny Cupcakes

Photo from Johnny Cupcakes

He took some excellent photos of the the Queen Anne B & B and other fun spots in Denver, see them posted on his blog.


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