LEALI Chicago Recap

Matt Scobey & Joshua Wills, two Denver based artists have teamed up on a collaboration that is one part visual stimulus, one part installation, and one part commerce by design. Exploring the boundaries of life on the fringe, love of rebellion, the art of repetition, and the romance of the hustle. LICKING EYEBALLS & LOVING IT is an exchange of visual banter and witty graphics that seduce the eyes with thought saliva upon every glance, wince, and stare. The opening at Pawn Works sent a thunderclap through the midwest with a smattering of original paintings, prints, site specific installations, and printed ephemera that encapsulates their angst ridden joyride leading up to the day of the show.

The show will run through November, please call Nick for an appointment (312-841-3986).

We all had a great weekend! Here are some photos from Tran Wills of the opening of Licking Eyeballs And Loving It at Pawn Works Chicago.

Top left, Josh Wills. Below, two hand painted pieces by Matt Scobey. Top right, collaboration. Bottom right, Matt Scobey.

Matt Scobey with their collaborative installation. Josh says “Matt did all the work, I just helped wrestle the idea into being”.

Piece on Left by Josh Wills, piece on right by Matt Scobey. Paint marker, spray paint, acrylic paint on cardboard. Sold as a pair or separately.

Two larger pieces on top/right by Matt Scobey, larger piece on the left by Josh wills. Smaller pieces a mix of both artists and a few collaborative pieces.

Many small sign painter pieces by Matt Scobey, a collaborative piece on the bottom left, with a larger Josh Wills piece to the top left.

Jen Nordhem of Bright Alley, Nick Marzullo of Pawn Works, Artist Matt Scobey, Artist Assistant Chris Nguyen, and Artist Joshua Wills.

Joshua Wills and his son Hesh.

Matt Scobey

Top window installation/painting by Joshua Wills

Rumor has it there will be a second showing of Licking Eyeballs And Loving It in Denver…. stay tuned.


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